75+Best BGMI Quotes, Shayari & Status

The best way to celebrate your favorite BGMI game is by posting BGMI Quotes, Shayari & status and trying out some new quotes on social media. Quotes about games can help you express what’s in store for those who visit, whether it be happiness or anger.

BGMI makes sure its users get access to everything they need when browsing through various online communities centered around gaming enjoyment across platforms like PC Gaming Community Website s/Apps, Mobile Social Networking, etc.

BGMI is a game for Indian players and the best thing about it, you can play in real-time with other people from all over India. That’s why every single one of us wants to show off our presence by telling stories or posting status updates on what we’re up to! This article could be very helpful if you’re looking into joining this awesome community 🙂

Best BGMI Quotes, Shayari & Status

75+ Best BGMI Quotes, Shayari & Status
75+ Best BGMI Quotes, Shayari & Status
  • Let’s make another life in the maps of BGMI
  • Heaven on Earth; no, heaven in BGMI
  • The biggest kick to your enemies your victory
  • Celebrate enjoyment, not victory
  • Gaming life rocks
  • Look for airdrop, not grasses
  • Progress takes place outside the comfort zone
  • Insult and be insulted. It’s obvious
  • BGMI is not just a game, it’s an emotion.
  • New game, new life
  • Eat, sleep, BGMI, repeat
  • Revive, because the next turn is yours
  • Be a game-changer, not just a gamer
  • Don’t trust words, trust headshots
  • BGMI turns people into real gamers of real life

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Badass BGMI Quotes In Hindi and English

  • When playing BGMI, the excitement level= infinite
  • Victory is not my greed, it simply determines my performance
  • Just play your best, and forget the rest
  • Without Battlegrounds Mobile India my phone is just like an 8X with a shotgun
  • BGMI on, beast mode activated
  • If you think yourself pro, “pehli fursat me nikal
  • Aaja Chicken Dinner kara dun
  • Hang on, you’ll be revived
  • Keep calm and game on
  • Battleground Mobile India, the game for modern India
  • An Empty pocket, a broken heart, and those random squad matches teach you the hardest lesson of life
  • A true gamer is one who admits to being defeated for someone’s happiness
  • One-shot, One kill. No luck only skills
  • Keep things Private, Until You Know It’s Permanent.
  • Give the world a reason to remember your name.

Badass BGMI Quotes In English

Best BGMI Quotes, Shayari & Status
Best BGMI Quotes, Shayari & Status
  • Gotta play more in order to become more
  • I Dream of a better world where I can play video games all day long without having my sanity questioned
  • If you have never played games, don’t call them useless
  • Mai gareeb hoon 😎😎
  • I never insulted anyone, just described who they are
  • Life with BGMI is much more Beautiful than with those who even don’t value your presence
  • We are BGMI Lovers, we don’t need a 108mp camera. We need 8X
  • It’s about real gaming, not child’s play
  • Damaged people are stronger because they know how to survive
  • O bhai, gun utha ke maro mujhe maro
  • Maturity is when you realize that Battlegrounds Mobile India is not just a game, it’s more about happiness
  • Life is brief, play more
  • My goal is not to win the game, but just to fall in love with BGMI
  • Find a car in BGMI, ride, and enjoy!
  • A world of peace, a world full of chaos
  • The game we want is not to play with people’s lives, it’s to play in the battleground
  • The stronger you press the buttons, The stronger the attack is
  • Spread love not to hate, be cool, and play BGMI
  • Every day when you wake up, thank God for the beautiful day
  • Pain is being knocked while in a red zone
  • It is better to play Battleground Mobile India than with emotions these days
  • Keep your head and attitude high in any situation
  • It’s about Skill, not RAM
  • Gaming lets you feel heaven
  • Keep calm, fix the lag
  • Just one more match
  • Keep Cool, especially under pressure
  • BGMI, the game that wins people’s hearts, not their money
  • Play games play passion
  • Increase KD and not regrets

Attitude BGMI Status & Quotes In English

  • There should be 3,4 more games in BGMI that make people so addicted that people don’t play games with the life of the people
  • We do not want to be the winner of any girl’s heart, we just want Winner Winner Chicken Dinner
  • It was a joke for them to play with my heart and wash my love like to lick an enemy in BGMI
  • If you have to pass the time, take BGMI, We boys don’t have a toy when you want to play.
  • BGMI is better than you, that taught me how to survive when you are surrounded by enemies
  • I and BGMI have such a relationship It didn’t separate me, nor did I let it separate me.
  • The true soldier fights not because he hates what is in front of him, but because he loves what is behind him

Funny Battlegrounds Mobile India Status

  • Savdhan India
  • Mujhe teri yaadein bilkul usi tarah marti hai jis tarah PUBG ka bluezone sabhi players ko
  • Japan me ek aadami ne apne hi dost ko mara, kyunki usne 6X scope ni diya
  • Jab bhi hostel me kharab khana banjta hai ham BHMI khelne lag jate hai, kyunki agar jeeta to Chicken Dinner
  • Wo jajbat se khelti thi, maine BGMI khelna sikha diya
  • Bigadi hui Zindagi ki bas itni si kahani hai, 20% bachpan se nikamma tha, 80% BGMI ki meharbani hai
  • Waqt waqt ki bat hai Abhi aapke pas 8X hai to ud rahe hai, jab hamare pas granade hoga to ham sidha uda denge
  • Ishq karna hai to BGMI se karo, kyunki ye bank ho sakta hai bewafa nahi
  • Air drop ka chakar, Knock out se takkar
  • TikTok Wale Khud Ko Bollywood Star Samajhte Hai, Aur BGMI Wale Khud Ko Army Ke Jawaan
  • Life is like BGMI, you will be knocked but your Loved ones will be always there to Revive you.

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